Thursday, May 19, 2016


Thank you for everything! My life in Hemsedal is super fun and special 

Great experience to live in a such beautiful place full of snow. I experienced the cold -28C, went out in the cold midnight to see the northern lights, was riding huskies in the cold winter, learning how to ski, learn to speak Norwegian, made snow man, celebrated 17th May in Hemsedal. What a great life!

My life even more meaningful with lovely people around me. Super lucky to have such a nice family in Hemsedal, Norway! Thank you so much for the time and kindness that you gave me to me. I'll never forget it! I will miss all of you and for sure I'll come to visit Hemsedal soon. For now, I have to say goodbye. It was such a great time in Hemsedal 
Uttrykksikonet smile

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What is Au Pair?

Apa itu Au Pair?

Kali ini gue buat video yang menjelaskan mengenai Au Pair karena gue dapat beberapa pertanyaan tentang Au Pair. Semoga bermanfaat! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe guys!